Real Estate

Real EstateIf you are considering purchasing property in Ocala, Summerfield or The Villages, you need an attorney who will be by your side throughout the process and protect your rights. Oftentimes, buyers sign what they believe is a standard purchase and sale agreement only to find out later that it contained onerous clauses which can cost thousands of dollars. In most parts of the country, individuals and businesses are used to being represented by an attorney in a real estate transaction.

It is important to know, that although, in Florida a title company or realtor can help close a real estate transaction, the title company and realtor cannot legally represent a buyer or seller or draft material changes to a form contract or provide legal advice.  It is important for your interests to be protected, as there are legal rights that are lost once a transaction is closed.

Buying a home is exciting; it is also a long-term financial commitment and one that should not be entered into lightly. We proudly represent our clients and provide many services including verifying a clean title, reviewing purchase and sale agreements and reviewing lender commitments. We’ll make sure your rights are protected throughout the real estate purchasing process.

Real Estate Counseling

Real estate counseling is a specialized field and requires a broader knowledge of the real estate market and the specific property in question rather than working in just one field of real estate practice. Since we are seasoned real estate aagents and legal advisors, we provides skilled, independent, and professional guidance based on an analysis of problems or potential problems relative to real property ownership. As a counselor our objective is to give advice on how to hold, sell, buy, develop, or invest in real estate to achieve the maximum benefit from the investment. Counseling requires a strong educational background along with experience in real estate since we provide options based on our personal judgment. This judgment may be the basis for the largest investment decision you may make.

Because we also collaborate with tax professionals, we can help you understand the tax implications of purchasing property. In some cases, you may be eligible for tax breaks, particularly the first year you own property. We’re committed to serving your needs as you prepare to become a Florida property owner.

At the Law Office of Leslie Quinn, we know there are numerous things that can go wrong when purchasing real estate. We also understand you will have questions and face some uncertainty when dealing with real estate brokers, lenders and insurance companies. We help buyers, sellers, investors, builders, and developers to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and make sure your best interests are taken into consideration.   Call us today to discuss how we may help make sure your real estate purchase goes as smoothly as possible – contact us today.

Posted by: mprictor on December 1, 2016