There are various types of probate in Florida. Whenever a person owns property that does not have a payable on death (POD) designation, has no specific beneficiaries (such as life insurance) or is the sole owner of real estate or other real property, the probate process is necessary to transfer ownership. When a person who has died left a will, the will must be filed within 10 days of their death with the probate court.

We help residents of Ocala, Summerfield and The Villages through the Florida probate process whether they are the loved one of a decedent or they’ve been named administrator of an estate. We know how confusing this process can be and we’ll do everything we can to help facilitate the process. We can also help with Petition for Summary Administration which is used in the event the assets of the decedent were less than $75,000.

In most cases, probate involves asking the court to provide Letters of Administration to allow the administrator of the executor of the estate to uphold the terms of the will. This will involve gathering all of the decedent’s assets, notifying creditors and heirs, obtaining a fair market value for all assets and then paying all of the bills of the estate plus distributing any remaining assets to the heirs.

Our office is prepared to help you through the Florida probate process. Whether you need help settling a simple estate or the estate is more complex, we have the experience necessary to work through the issues you are facing with the probate process – contact us today.

Posted by: mprictor on December 1, 2016