Estate Planning

Estate PlanningNew business owners, retirees and young families should all have a firm estate plan in place. We understand you want your assets protected as much as possible so they are there for your heirs. We’ll take the time to find out your current financial status, your long-term goals and take a look at how taxes could impact your estate.

Another concern for families is what happens in the event a parent or both parents are lost in an accident or become disabled and unable to care for themselves or their children. We’ll help you draft the appropriate documents to ensure your children are cared for in the event you are unable to do so as well as prepare for their financial needs for the long-term.

Whether you need a simple will or a more complex estate plan will largely depend on your assets and your long-term goals for those assets. We’ll customize a plan that best meets your immediate needs with an eye to the future.

We have worked with clients from all walks of life to protect their assets and make sure their families are taken care of; estate planning is not only for those who are very wealthy, it is for everyone who has a family and owns property or other assets. Contact the Law Office of Leslie Quinn P.L.L.C today and let us help you plan for your future. We provide a whole range of estate planning services and serve clients in Ocala, Summerfield and The Villages.

Posted by: mprictor on December 1, 2016