​​Tips for Home Bargain Shoppers

Are you looking for a Hot Real Estate Investment?

Here’s some quick tips for some people looking to buy a property; to either be their next home or looking to invest and turn into a profit.

  1. Use Cash – using cash speeds up buying process and eliminates a lot of hassles
  2. Search Online – sites such as craiglist.com can have a lot of great deals. Online shopping can be a haven for people hunting for bargain homes
  3. Good location – buying at the right time and in the right location can be a bargain deal
  4. Apply for grants – you can get good discounts for transitional and developing neighborhoods or towns
  5. Foreclosures – by definition, foreclosure happens when a homeowner fails to make payment on their property; it can be cheaper than the average market price but you have to be prepared for possible issues on repair and maintenance
  6.  Pre-Foreclosure – this occurs when a homeowner misses a mortgage payment and are typically given up to 3 months to pay up or risk losing their home. It is this time then that a buyer is given an opportunity to purchase the property to save the homeowner from a foreclosure. It is also here when short sales mostly happen.
  7. Auction Properties – a property reaches this stage if either the owner’s home has gone to foreclosure process or was unable to pay their property taxes. Buying a house at the auction can be a high risk but can also be very rewarding.
  8. Bank Owned Homes – these are the homes that fails to sell in a foreclosure auction and can be a great bargain for home buyers

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Posted by: lesliequinn on January 10, 2018