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NEED LONG TERM CARE OPTION? Most elder Americans are facing a financial crisis caused by medical or health issues. Statistically, the majority of aging Americans will need some form of Long Term Care. Unfortunately, Long Term Care Insurance rates are normally quite expensive. So what are the alternatives? Well since Medicare does not pay for Long Term Care we must rely upon our savings. The only government program paying for Long Term Care is for the most part-Medicaid. Our office will now provide Enhanced Life Planning to include Long Term Care Planning for those who may need long term care or nursing home assistance.

SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD OR DISABLED ADULT? Many families have children with special needs. Some may now be adults and planning for those with special needs have many issues that needs to be addressed from choice of guardian and trustee, to issues related to care and potential disqualification from government benefits.

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Posted by: lesliequinn on September 29, 2017
Posted in: Estate Planning