Does Everyone Need an Estate Plan? If You Think You Do Not..Think Again…

What is an estate plan?

How does it differ from a will?

How many of us could benefit from an estate plan?

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Why us? What makes us different?

Accessibility. Flexibility. Trust.

We are unique because we work to serve busy families.  We are representing families with children, and business owners by designing plans to protect their loved ones, businesses, and accumulated wealth from unforeseen life circumstances. We can also work remotely and conference with clients online to meet your demanding schedules.

Our boutique law firm focuses on you and your family – Helping you Invest in Your Families Future, or  Protect Your Loved Ones, and to counsel you on options to generate and Protect Financial Assets During Uncertain times… for Now and the Future.

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Other Services Offered:

  1. Physicians Contract Review, Compliance, and Practice Formation
  2. Family Estate and Small Business Planning
  3. Asset Protection/Wealth Planning/Retirement Planning
  4. Corporations-Formation, Employment Contracts, Liability, Compliance/Regulatory Matters, Commercial Contracts
  5. Real Estate-Commercial, Residential, Development-Leases and Purchases
  6. Investing in Alternative Assets or Investments with Retirement Funds
  7. Commercial and Internet Issues-Copyright, Trademark, Licensing



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Posted by: lesliequinn on April 18, 2017