Experienced Estate Planning, Business Planning and Real Estate

Assisting individuals, families and businesses in planning for their future.

Unique Services for Businesses and Individuals…We invest in the lives of our clients. Dedicated to the extraordinary. The exceptional. We work as a team with other professionals to provide you with an all-encompassing innovative solution.

We take great pride in providing our clients with a unique set of services. From estate and business planning to real estate development and investments, we seek to assist our clients with their unique needs. Using innovative delivery and communication processes we serve the busiest of clients. Matching clients with service providers from accountants to financial investment firms, and from commercial bankers to realtors, we are able to combine the talents of many professionals and establish ongoing connections to provide a complete team-centered approach to counseling.

Whether you live in Ocala, Summerfield or The Villages and the surrounding areas, we provide you with assistance in properly planning for the future. Our methodology involves working with tax professionals, financial advisors, and real estate professionals to make sure your retirement planning remains on track as well as ensure that your children, spouse, and businesses are continued and taken care of in the event you lose your life in an accident or you are suddenly disabled.

We also work with clients who are interested in purchasing real estate, investing in real estate, or starting and managing a business, including physician’s and healthcare practices. We know that starting a business and operating a business means you have some big decisions to make that will impact your future. The healthcare industry itself is quite regulated and we are here to provide guidance.  Naturally, purchasing or developing residential, commercial property or a business is always a big endeavor and the attorneys in our office are ready to help.

One of the areas we find most rewarding lately is in helping people invest in their future with the implementation of alternative real estate investments-such as Self-Directed IRA’s, 401K’s and private placements.  With the uncertainly of our world, some of our clients have chosen alternative investments.  As such we create Trusts or checkbook L.L.C.’s to hold their real estate and alternative investments.  We help them prior to the initial purchase with the legalities, with our real estate services we assist in the assessment of the investment, and continue through to helping to determine the most appropriate options in funding and management of the investments themselves.  We also help developers and other real estate owners with financing through alternative sources including private equity participation.

With our Trust Administration services, we assist the Trustees with managing the investments, including self-directed investments, pursuant to the “Prudent Investor” requirements under Florida Law.  Whether you need assistance with estate planning, administration of trust assets, buying or selling real estate, help with the Florida probate process or you’re planning to start, join or purchase a business, contact the Law Office of Leslie Quinn, P.L.L.C. today.